Is Ringworm A Std

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STD 2x, female > male Pregnancy 10% (vs. 7% domiciled) Infection for Homeless People Poorer healing due Substance Abuse Exposure to the elements Other poorly controlled medical problems like diabetes Tinea corporis (body ringworm) Tinea capitis (scalp ringworm) Ringworm (tinea)

STD PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT The prevention and control of sexually transmitted disease (STD) involves many different levels of healthcare providers.

Skin Infections in Wrestlers B.J. Anderson, M.D.-Boynton Health Service University of Minnesota-Team Physician for Augsburg College Wrestling Team

X-Plain . Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Reference Summary. Introduction . Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are some of the most common infectious diseases in the United States.

1 Diseases of the Skin Physiology & Function Protection Holds us together Water regulation Vitamin D Immune processing Epidermis/Dermis Communication

A presentation by Mrinalini Nayak STD V th C DISEASES AND ITS TYPES A disease is an illness that effects the health of a person .

Communicable disease. 2. Demonstrate/discuss how to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases. 3. Recognize some of the commonly known communicable diseases, as listed below: • Common Cold • Ringworm Sexually Transmitted • Hepatitis (A, B, C) Diseases (STD) • Herpes

REPORTABLE DISEASES IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (Ringworm of scalp)- 48HR danger to the public health is reportable immediately. SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STD) Report the following to the STD Division TEL (202) 727-9860 FAX (202) 727-4934 or 727-3345

Bacterial STD’s P.499 Chlamydia- PID- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Syphilis- chancre single celled org. that cause disease. Fungi(yeast & mold)- simple org., can’t make own food (ex: Athlete’s foot, ringworm) Viruses Protozoa- single celled org., can produce toxins that

Hepatitis C is spread through the exchange of blood during sexual contact or by sharing needles. It is cur- most of us do not consider the risk of STD’s to be a health polygamy, re-marriage, and the possibility of a spouse

17.10 Tinea corporis (ringworm of the body) 202 17.11 Scabies 203 17.12 Urticaria 205 18. PAIN MANAGEMENT AND PALLIATIVE CARE 206 18.1 Pain 206 18.2 Pain management strategy for adults 209 18.3 Pain management strategy for children 212 19. EMERGENCIES

Infectious Disease Control Unit – Disease Call List Main Number: Blood Borne Pathogen Regulation Pascoe Hepatitis B Boykins Wiseman Ringworm Fonken Robinson Sidwa Cantu, (TB/HIV/STD) 512-776-3711 (Immunization) 512-533-3000 (TB/HIV/STD)

Pediatric Encounter Form Mail to: Claims Department Amerigroup P.O. Box 61010 ___ V65.44 HIV Counseling ___ 464.4 Croup ___ 110.9 Ringworm ___ V65.45 STD Counseling ___ 311 Depression ___ 461.9 Sinusitis, Acute, Unspec Other Preventive ICD-9 Codes ___ 691.8 Derm, Atopic and

Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Bureau of HIV, STD, & Hepatitis Melissa Van Dyne Office of Veterinary and Public Health Karen Yates Ringworm Children should be excluded until treatment has been started or if the

Bacterial Vaginosis. Q: What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)? A: The vagina normally has a balance of mostly “good” bacteria and fewer “harmful” bacteria.

Treatment Pathogens Fungi – Primitive plant – Yeast infections, athletes foot, and ringworm Candida albicans Protozoa Emerging Infectious Diseases Factors Contributing to Emerging Infections How to Support Your Immune System Sexual Transmitted Diseases The

1 Diseases of the Skin Physiology & Function Protection Holds us together Water regulation Vitamin D Immune processing Epidermis/Dermis Communication

T. vaginalis T. tenax T. hominis Trichomonas vaginalis Causes an STD called trichomoniasis Reservoir is human urogenital tract Strict Dermatophytoses Ringworm of scalp tinea capitis affects scalp & hair-bearing regions of head hair may be lost Ringworm of body tinea corporis

Barton Schmitt, MD Pediatric Protocols 4262 East Florian Avenue Mesa, Arizona 85206 Ringworm S SARS Exposure Scarlet Fever Scorpion Sting – North America STD Questions Stingray Injury Stools – Blood In Stools – Unusual Color