Jock Itch

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Other names for ringworm include tinea, dermatophytosis, athlete's foot (ringworm of the feet), and jock itch (ringworm of the groin). Despite the name, ringworm is not caused by a worm. You can get ringworm from people, animals, or places such as:

RINGWORM (T INEA) What is Ringworm? Ringworm is a fungus that affects different parts of the body such as scalp, groin (jock itch), toe nails and feet (Athlete’s Foot).

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What is ringworm? Ringworm is a common skin infection caused by a fungus. Ringworm may affect the skin on the body, scalp, groin area (jock itch), feet (athlete’s foot) or nails.

Clear Evidence That H Pylori & Digestive Infections Can Cause Skin Problems Your digestive system has an internal skin. It is known as the “Mucosal Barrier”. (known as “jock itch”). It’s very common to find fungal overgrowth (e.g. Candida)

Athlete’s foot and ringworm; use daily for 2 weeks for jock itch. If condition persists, consult a doctor • To prevent athlete’s foot, apply daily (morning and night) • This product is not effective on scalp or nails • In case of clogging, clear nozzle under running water

FACT SHEET RINGWORM OF SKIN AND SCALP (Fungal infection-Tinea Corporis/Tinea Capitis) I:\School Fact Sheets\Ringworm Fact Sheet.doc What is Ringworm? Ringworm is an infection caused by a fungus. It may appear on the scalp, body, groin (jock itch), or feet (athlete’s foot). How is it spread?

Jock itch. E floccosum, T rubrum, T mentagrophytes, Tineapedis. Athlete’s foot. T rubrum, T mentagrophytes. Tineafaciei. face. M canis, T verrucosum. These infections are caused by different types of fungi.

Foot, jock itch, and ringworm. This proposal is part of FDA’s ongoing review of OTC drug products. DATES: Submit written comments by [insert date 90 days after date of publication in the Federal Register]. Submit

Jock itch affects the groin area with sharply defined lesions with inflamed borders and reddish-brown centers. The itching becomes very intense and can become painful, if sweating accumulates further mac-erating the skin. It can be irritated with tight-fitting

Active ingredient Purpose Butenafine hydrochloride 1% for jock itch and ringworm apply once a day to affected skin for 2 weeks or as directed by a doctor

People think the symptoms are something else (like jock itch, bug bites or yeast infection). • Herpes Resource Center (American Social Health Association) • Genital Herpes fact sheet (Centers for Disease Control)

Genital dermatology encompasses a wide variety of lesions and skin rashes that affect the Tinea cruris or jock itch is a relatively common problem. Typically, Having pictures of normal

As “jock itch”. Pediculosis (Lice)

Contagious skin disease transmitted by the itch mite. Scabies Itch Mite. SKIN LESIONS (skin), and tinea cruris (jock itch). ULCER

What is ringworm? Ringworm is a common skin infection caused by a fungus. Ringworm may affect the skin on the body, scalp, groin area (jock itch), feet (athlete’s foot) or nails.

TINEA CAPITIS TINEA CAPITIS Kerion JOCK ITCH Tinea Cruris PRESENTATION: Groin Thigh Skin folds Anus Itching, Burning, Redness, Irritation, Discomfort, Vesicles JOCK ITCH Abnormally dark or light skin ATHLETE’S FOOT Tinea Pedis Most Common PRESENTATION:

Stop most skin itch, athlete’s foot, fungi, jock itch, Diminish dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc. Add to bath water, gargle, douches, colon irrigation, nasal spray and dental water-pick solutions. Colloidal Silver cuts