What Does Ringworm Look Like?

#1ringworm2What Does Ringworm Look Like?….What does a ringworm look like is a question that gets asked a lot. A ringworm is a skin infection by a fungus, and it looks like circles on your skin. It definitely looks like a dry patch that is round in shape and it can be itchy at times.

It is also red in colour, especially the border, and what is noticeable is that as the irritation that comes with ringworm increases, so does the ring itself. Just take a look at the picture that I have provided.

The thing with ringworm is that the rings can spread, especially if you do not treat them. Some may have a crust, some even have fluid under the skin which can make them painful when you touch them.

What does a ringworm look like? What I know is that the actual ringworm becomes visible to you after about 10 days. For others it can extend for up to 14 days, so you can have the infection without knowing it.

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If you get ringworm on your neck area and your face, you can expect it to have the reddish colour, and expect it to be crusty. For men who get affected by ringworm and it spreads to their beard, some hair will definitely be lost, and of course some of it may be permanent.

When it attacks your scalp, at times you will not be able to see the rings. It will appear as though you have a bad case of dandruff. It will most probably be accompanied by itchiness and you will have spots where there is minimal hair or none at all. If you have a bad case of scalp ringworm, you may even have lesions forming, and whats worse is that some may have pus in them.

What does ringworm look like in the groin area? The good thing is that it usually does not get to the genitals, it just ends in the upper side of the thighs as well as in the groin area. It definitely is itchy and it might also burn a bit. It is usually reddish in color, with a touch of brown.

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What does ringworm look like in the area around the feet?the foot would normally look reddish, and it also is susceptible to cracks. Feet are normally not the cleanest place in the body, so unfortunately there is other infections associated with them, as well as dirt, so burning sensations is a huge part of it. For the most part, you can find the ringworm in between the toes, and the strong coming from it can be strong.

When it comes to ringworm of the nails, the nails usually appear yellow in color, and they also get think and scaly. They are also susceptible to cracking.

What does ringworm look like? Now you know, it is time to get treatment for it.

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